FintooInvest is a one-of-a-kind online platform that ensures you are in control of your investments. Diversified investments across different financial products can be tough to track regularly often leading to missed opportunities for growth. With FintooInvest, managing your investment portfolio has never been easier! This online platform combines all your investments in one place in an organised and systematic manner.

Why Choose FintooInvest?

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking:

Don't wait to see the result of a transaction on your investment portfolio! With FintooInvest, investors can monitor all their transactions in real-time.

Organised investments

Organised investments:

FintooInvest intelligently segregates all your investments systematically based on Asset and Scheme allocation.

No more paperwork

No more paperwork:

Invest in all listed mutual funds in complete paperless fashion. All the investments are available at a glance digitally instead of maintaining stacks of papers.

Family solutions

Family solutions:

FintooInvest lets you connect your relevant family members with the relevant investments. Simply add your family members to your portfolio and keep them updated. This platform automatically syncs across all devices to keep everyone up-to-date after every transaction.